art direction, rebrand, collaboration

Founded in 2015, Stasher created the framework for short-term luggage storage. They partner with local businesses to transform the leftover storage space that they already own into “stashpoints” for consumers’ luggage

Team Members

Maddie Dobbs print + online ads, social media, "stashpoint"

Charlotte Calvin team lead, logo, ui/ux

Rachel Hakala motion graphic

Daniel Piedra iconography, online ads, "stashtag"

Photography from


Millennials living in the US. We're targeting people who have an inner sense of adventure and are looking for new experiences.


Brand Voice

Humorous and targets a younger audience with casual language found on social media platforms. It is relatable and serves to humanize the company.

Mission Statement

Solving the problem of traveling with stuff by providing secure and affordable luggage storage around every corner.


Unique Selling Point

Providing luggage storage on the spot so you can experience your day bag-free.