run the show

branding, typography


The conference targets creatives within the film industry, any creatives wishing to pursue a career in film, or anyone who appreciates the art of cinema.

Mission Statement 

Bringing together the most innovative design thinkers in the film industry to inspire and educate our community of creators about the significant role design plays in film.

Run The Show is an annual film design conference held in Austin, Texas for one day. The purpose of the event is to showcase the significance of a film’s creative department’s impact. It’s overlooked collaboration is essential when designing the beautifully fabricated worlds we see on screen.


The logotype is an altered version of the typeface "Righteous." The type lock-up illustrates this collaboration of the creative departments working together to build the bigger picture. The title, “Run The Show,” reinforces this concept while eluding to the popular idiom of being in charge, which is exactly what the creative department does for a movie. Without art and design, movies would not be visually interesting at all.