branding, collaboration, ui/ux

Slumber Magazine is a publication highlighting non-binary, gender non-conforming, female-identifying musicians and visual artists. Their previous publication shut down last fall and left a hole in the East Coast independent music scene where musicians, writers, and fans could only find large for-profit sites to write or read about new music. Slumber Magazine is picking up where the old publication left off.

Team Members

Maddie Dobbs branding, ui/ux, magazine covers + spread

Mia Rendon branding, ui/ux, mail promo


We are targeting millennials who are promoters, artists, or fans within the underground creative community.

Brand Voice

Slumber's brand voice is casual, informative, and relatable to its audience. Our voice helps build the bridge between artists and fans by creating an environment of acceptance.

Unique Selling Point

Slumber Magazine is the only publication highlighting upcoming non-binary, gender non-conforming, and female-identifying musicians and artists in the underground music and art scene.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to bringing together the music community in the most intersectional, inclusive, and creative way possible.

photography by Itzel Alejandra Martinez

written by Hayley Cranberry